How to configure a Speaker Itinerary step

How to configure a Speaker Itinerary step

The "Speaker Itinerary" submission step allows your speakers and session chairs to see all of their commitments in a particular conference. When they click on the "Speaker Itinerary" button (or whatever label you have provided for it) a modal will appear displaying all of the sessions from that conference that they are involved in, and give information as to what their responsibilities are. For speakers, they will see the time of their specific presentation, not just the start time of the session, as well as the title of that particular presentation. For session chairs, they will have all of the session information and will be told their particular role in the proceedings (chair, moderator, panelist, etc...). Finally, all of this can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the download button at the top of the modal.

To add a Speaker Itinerary to your speaker modules:
  1. From the dashboard,
  2. Click on the relevant speaker module,
  3. Click Settings,
  4. Go to Submission Steps,
  5. Click "Add New Step"
  6. Select "Once Per Conference" and then "Speaker Itinerary"
  7. Add a label then click Create.
  8. Follow the instructions on screen to complete this step.
NOTE: If a user is not a session chair and has not had their presentation added to a session, they will receive a message saying they are not currently scheduled in a session.

Configuration Options:

The following configurations are possible:
  1. Display/Hide Session Rooms: This is often useful if you have not finalized the rooms for your sessions, but would like to start giving your speakers an idea of their itineraries for the conference.
  2. Display/Hide RSVP Status: This will display the RSVP response of the user if you are using this module (see note below). If they have not completed their RSVP, it will display in red and instruct them where to find their invitation on the screen when they mouseover.
  3. Display Registration Status: This will look for a complete attendee registration. If it is incomplete, or they have not even started one, it will display "Not Registered/Incomplete".
  4. Display Banner on Downloaded Itinerary: This will take your module's banner and pin it to the top of the pdf that is available for download.
  5. Display Times in: This will allow you to show the times for the program in your user's local time (most common for virtual conferences) or in the conference's time (most common for in-person conferences).
RSVP Module Users: In order to display any RSVP information, the RSVP module must be activated, set to ON, and set to be included in submission steps. These can all be set by going to the RSVP management area and clicking on settings.

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