How to Check-In a Registrant

How to Check-In a Registrant

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee module
  3. Click Onsite button
    • This will open a new interface for the Onsite Module
    • Enter the ID number or first few letters of a lastname to search for the registrant
      • If entering first few letters of a lastname, this may display multiple matches.  Click on button for that attendee. If the person is already checked in then it will display on the list of results.



  • If the person is “Incomplete” then you will be directed to this screen where you either print the attendee’s badge or Edit the Attendee and/or process a payment

  • If you click on Edit Attendee, then you will be directed this screen

  • If the attendee still owes money, you may process a payment for the attendee


  • If the attendee is complete and not checked-in, a badge will be printed for the attendee.

  • If the person has already been checked in, you may reverse the CheckIn by clicking the Reverse CheckIn button

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