How to add Sponsor logos in the Online Program?

How to add Sponsor logos in the Online Program?

The sponsor module is a special page that allows the display of sponsors logos. The logos may be hyperlinked to the respective sponsor website.

To add sponsors, prepare the following items:

  1. Sponsor CSV File - An edited CSV with all sponsor info in order that they should appear
  2. Sponsor Image Files - Mobile-ready images for all sponsors

All of these files should be uploaded as a single Zip file.


  • The order the companies appear within this file is the order they will display within the app.
  • URLs must start with http://
  • The image file names must match exactly. It is case-sensitive.
  • You may create customized 'line breaks' like "Gold Sponsor" to separate the companies. The template you downloaded creates a header "We appreciate our sponsors" as an example.
  • The sponsor image files (the jpg or png files) should be added to a zip file that has all of them in it.
  • Images should be no more than 300 pixels wide. If you upload excessively large files they are scaled down but are not re-sized. This means your final app will be larger than it needs to be and the end-users will have to download a larger app.
Create the Sponsor Upload File
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Mobile App Management in the left side menu
  3. If there is more than one app defined, click on the app from the grid
  4. Under the 'Get Set' section of the screen, click Sponsors
  5. Enter Screen Title e.g. Sponsors
  6. Set the Display Menu on option as:
    • Native Mobile App Only = if only using mobile app
    • Both Web Program & Native Mobile App = if using both online web and mobile app
  7. Click Add Screen
  8. Click the link to the right for 'Download the Import template' file
  9. Open the File in Excel
  10. Copy and Paste the data in the file
    NOTE: There will be a sample record in the file as an example.
  11. Save the File in CSV format
    • For PC's, use Save as File Type CSV UTF-8 (*.csv)
    • For MAC's, use Save as Windows Comma Separated (.csv)
  12. Create a single zip file containing, the CSV file just created and all of the sponsor images
  13. Upload the file by Clicking Upload File button

The sponsor page in the app will eventually look something like this:

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