How to Configure Payments for Submissions?

How to Configure Payments for Submissions?

To Configure and Enable Submission Payment?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Advanced in horizontal menu
  5. Select Payment Settings
  6. Set Enable Payment = Yes
  7. Set Payment per Abstract frequency - for each submission vs a one-time-fee 
  8. Set Payment Part of Final Step where Yes, the payment is made as the last step vs No = payment is required upfront
  9. Set the Payment Amount
  10. Indicate the Currency
  11. Select if Taxes are applicable and if so, the rate(s) to be charged
  12. Enter an Invoice Description label
  13. Enter an Invoice Prefix
  14.  Update the Invoice Statement Header
  15. Optional, if you wish to add information in the Invoice Statement Footer
  16. Ensure to continue updating the on-screen settings and add your credit card payment gateway information
  17. Click Update button to save changes.

Submission Payment test mode setting

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Advanced in horizontal menu
  5. Select Payment Settings
  6. Set Credit Card Test Mode = No (To disable) / Yes (To enable)
  7. Click Update button to save changes

To Disable Submission Payment

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Advanced in horizontal menu
  5. Select Payment Settings
  6. Set Enable Payment = No
  7. Click Update button to save changes.

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