How to add a URL on a Submission Form?

How to add a URL on a Submission Form?

You can add a link on your submission form to another site or to a document located on another server. For example, you may want to link to your Hotel bookings link.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers Module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Form Fields in the horizontal menu
  5. Click + Add New Field button
  6. Select the Field Type = Screen Text
  7. Enter a label for Field Label E.G. Hotel Link
  8. In the Field Description, enter your text, highlight the text to be linked and then click the Link icon
    E.G. Enter 'Click here to book your hotel', highlight 'here' and click the Link icon
  9. Enter the URL address
  10. Click the Target tab
  11. Select New Window (_blank)
  12. Click OK button
  13. Scroll down and Click Add/Update Field Information button

NOTE: If you want to upload a document to your system and link to that refer to this article

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