How to add a program or session reference number to a submission

How to add a program or session reference number to a submission

Some clients prefer to assign a submission a program/session reference number instead of using the submission abstract number. You may do this by populating the Program ID column in the Manage Session Overview screen. For example, if you have a poster session and want to allocate on-site poster numbers for the poster submissions, populate the Program ID with the poster number.
NOTE: You may set the program ID to display in the online program and in the mobile app instead of the submission ID.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Program button
  4. In the Program Overview screen, from the Manage Session dropdown list, select the session to update, click Go
  5. Click the Overview button
  6. Under the Program ID column, enter the reference number/code
  7. Click Update Session button

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