How to Add a Field for a Speaker/Author to Upload their Photo?

How to Add a Field for a Speaker/Author to Upload their Photo?

The photo for a Speaker should be uploaded in the individual's contact profile. To do so you will need to add a field on the contact profile.

NOTE: The photo uploaded will resize the submitted photo to 200 pixels wide x relative height. Acceptable photo formats are: .jpg, .gif or .png An error message will appear for any other file types and will not upload.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Contacts Module
  3. Click the green Contacts Form button directly on the Contact Overview
  4. IMPORTANT: In the Change Contact Profile Form area, select the module contact form you want to edit 
    • If there is no dropdown list, proceed to step #6
  5. Once you've selected the contact form, a list of the current fields will display.
  6. Click + Add New Field button
  7. For Field Type, Select File Upload
  8. Enter a Field Label (e.g. Photo)
  9. Click Add Field button
  10. Provide a Field Description
  11. Set Field Required to Yes, if mandatory
  12. Click Update Field Information button

NOTE: When a submitter logins to the system, ask them to click Update ProfileScroll down to the Photo field and click Browse to upload a photo.

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