How do I setup Tickets for printing?

How do I setup Tickets for printing?

Several possibilities are available for badge templates. Please contact X-CD to discuss your template requirements. There are a few default templates available.

Ticket Setup

  1. From the attendee management area of your system, on the left menu go to the "Onsite Management" area.
  2. Click Badge Printing button.
  3. Click Ticket Setup button
    • You may define the ticket name and also define when it is printed i.e. You may setup a ticket so that it is printed for anyone in a particular registration category. You may also setup a ticket for someone that purchased a particular item e.g. Reception

Add Tickets

  1. Use the Ticket Setup menu to Add Tickets
  2. Each ticket may have up to 3 lines of text. For the line where you'd like the attendee's name to appear, add [Name] as the content for that line.
A common setup is:
Line 1: Welcome Reception
Line 2: [Name]
Line 3: "My Conference Name"

Additional Information and Best Practices

Ticket Line Length

  1. Ticket line word length should be only a few words. We recommend no more than 3 words or up to 30 characters.

Print If

  1. Use the "Print if Selected" option when creating a ticket if you only want it to appear on attendees who have selected this invoice item.
  2. If you do not select any "Print If" option then the ticket will print for all attendees.

Guest Badges Tickets

  1. If you have created a registration option for attendees to add a guest, your guest badges may be possible to print. Please consult X-CD to verify the guest option is available for your conference.
  2. Tickets attributed to guests are able to be created here. Just tick the box that the ticket is designated as a "Guest Ticket". Guest tickets are NOT printed on regular attendee badges.
  3. If there is a ticketed event such as a Welcome Reception, create both a main attendee ticket and a guest ticket. Your registration form should be setup in a way that there are 2 separate invoice item selections:  
    1. 1 selection leads to main attendee's ticket
    2. 1 selection leads to the guest's ticket

Order of Tickets

To change the order that tickets are printed on the badge, you may drag and drop each ticket.

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