How Do I Offset a Sessions Live Stream?

How Do I Offset a Sessions Live Stream?

Offsetting sessions live stream can be useful to allow your production team to play a roll-in video or an image and audio. This will override the countdown, meaning if a session is offset by 5 minutes then when the countdown hits 5 it will start pulling the video source from the RTMP.  
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Manage Program below your conference name 
  3. Navigate to the session you want to offset (several options to do this, see steps below for 1 option).
    1. Click Sessions from the top navigation bar
    2. Click Manage Sessions from the dropdown that appeared
    3. Use the search bar and enter your session name
  4. Click Manage for the appropriate session
  5. Click the Details button below the session title
  6. Scroll to the Live Stream Start Offset (minutes) field
  7. Enter in the number of minutes you want to offset the session by
    1. This will load the video player earlier than the session start time by the offset amount of time
    2. For example, if the session is at 12:00 PM and the offset is 5 minutes the video player will load at 11:55 AM
  8. Click Update Session
  9. Repeat for all other sessions you would like to offset. 

Sessions offset are configured individually and will need to be applied to each session that needs to be offset.

If you are importing your program and you would like to use the offset feature, fill in column CX with the number of minutes you want the session to be offset by.

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