Generating a Printed Program

Generating a Printed Program

There is a now a Beta version of a report generator that will allow you to customize a formatted output of abstracts and the program content.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Manage Program
  3. Click Public Program & Settings in the horizontal menu
  4. Select Print Program
  5. Click Create Template and enter a template name to create a reusable saved template
  6. If applicable, Select Filter by. If you want to only pull submissions, then skip this step
  7. Select if you want Sessions only, Sessions with Submissions or Submissions Only
  8. Select the applicable Module(s)
  9. Select the applicable Final Status(es)
  10. Select an Order By option
  11. Select the fields you want included and format your printout
  12. Click Save Template button
  13. Click Preview and Print Program button
    This will open anew browser screen and generate a report that can be saved into a Word document and formatted, updated and saved as a PDF file.

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