List of Games Tasks

Session Related:
  1. Completely watch a session
  2. Complete watch a presentation
  3. View a live stream
Ad Related:
  1. Completely watch an ad
  2. Click on a banner ad
Exhibitor Related:
  1. Visit Exhibitor booth
  2. Visit booth resource
  3. Visit Exhibitor Room
  4. Enter Exhibitor raffle
  5. Contact an Exhibitor
Social Post Related:
  1. Make a social post
  2. Make a social post with a picture
  3. Reply to a post
Poster Related
  1. View a poster
General Tasks:
  1. Chat with other attendees
  2. Engage in a networking lounge conversation
  3. Engage in an office hour conversation
Menu Related:
  1. Click on a custom menu screen (under information)
Mobile App Specific Tasks:
  1. Scan an attendee barcode
  2. Scan a session barcode
  3. Scan an exhibitor barcode
  4. Click on a banner ad
  5. Completely watch a minimercial
  6. Visit Exhibitor booth resource
  7. Contact an Exhibitor
  8. Make a social post
  9. Make a social post with picture
  10. Reply to a post
  11. Click on a custom menu screen

Creating a Game

Participants/attendees will automatically accumulate points by completing specific tasks around the virtual conference site. Their points will auto-tally once the task has been completed. Conference administrators can build the tasks and points for each action throughout the site. The tasks in the game are driven around active participation throughout the platform I.e watching specific sessions, making social posts, viewing posters, commenting in discussion boards and social walls, visiting, the exhibit hall, engaging in exhibitor video chat rooms, viewing exhibitor resources and much more. 

To set up a game:
1. In the Event App area
2. Click on Module Settings
3. Click on Gamification to set up the game
4. Set the dates of the Game - the default is set to the dates of the conference
5. Begin selecting tasks that will be completed by attendees - click on the Select Tasks to Add drop down menu
6. Adjust the point values for each task by clicking on the pencil icon on the far left - each task can be redeemed several times if desired, and have a max value
7. If something has an associated item - for example view a live stream - select the session in the Associated Item drop down. This also applies to selecting a specific Exhibitor Booth. 
8. To delete a task, click on the garbage can icon

Managing Participants

You can select which participants (ribbon types) will play in the game. Select which ones will be included, and select the ones that will not be included. Under Settings, you can select if admins are excluded from the game. 

Adding Screen Content

Add instructions and prize info under Screen Content


This area can be used to check how many points an individual has, or to manually add points to a specific user. A report of all users of the game can be downloaded by clicking the download button in the right corner.


The settings area is where Admins can be hid from the game, and to select that the game will appear in the left menu. There is also a function to clear the leaderboard if it was tested, and now you are ready to launch the game. 

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