Filters on List Fields Screens

Filters on List Fields Screens

This article is applicable to the following modules:
  1. Attendee Module
  2. Exhibitor Module
  3. Forms Module
To access these filters, click into the appropriate module, click Settings and navigate to the Manage Fields screen (in Forms Module) / Registration Fields screen (in Attendee or Exhibitor module).

Filter by Menu option = changes the admin grid view to see the list of fields on a specific menu screen

All Fields | Displayed Fields | Hidden Fields option = changes the admin grid view to see the list of fields based on if the field display attribute is displayed or hidden

  1. Setting one or more of these filters does not affect the Preview Form view. When Previewing the Form, you will return to the List Fields default view and the filter view settings will be reset.
  2. If you set a filter and edit a field, your filter view settings are retained when you return to the List Fields screen

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