File Manager

File Manager

The File Manager button will allow you to access your Upload Files area to upload a new file, insert a link to an uploaded document or insert an image.

The File Manager button is accessible from any screen that contains the insert link or image icon on the toolbar. For example: email compose screen, creating or editing a web page within X-CD, creating or editing an app screen for  the mobile app, virtual app or online program.

How to use the File Manager

Clicking the File Manager button will open the Upload Files screen that will look similar to this

  1. To upload a file, click the Upload icon which will open a screen where you can drag and drop a file into the screen to upload; then click the Upload File(s) button

  2. To link an existing document file (e.g. PDF or Word or Excel) OR an existing image file (.JPG, .PNG)  that has been uploaded previously, click on the file you want to link to or insert and the following message will appear: Copied URL to clipboard

  3. Click the X in the top right corner to close the screen
  4. To insert a link, click the Link icon; paste (CTRL-V) the URL from the clipboard into the URL field; update the Text to Display; Set the Target window; click Ok button

  5. To insert an image file, click the Image icon; paste (CTRL-V) the URL from the clipboard into the Source field; click Ok button

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