Exhibitor Hall settings

Exhibitor Hall settings

Several settings control what happen in the Exhibit Hall in the settings area under Module Settings. 

  1. Exhibitor Hall - Set to display if you are using the exhibit hall/exhibitor module
  2. Active Exhibitor Status - set tp Display if you want to see the number of people in the exhibitor booth's in platform meeting room. It will show on the main exhibitor hall card and on the meeting room. 
  3. Exhibitor Status Included in Exhibit Hall - Display either Complete, or All exhibitors (incompletes included)
  4. Analytics Start Date - This is the start date for which exhibitors may see their analytics. End date is automatically today's date or 60 days after the event. If you open your exhibit hall early, be sure to set this date earlier if you are giving access to your exhibitors to collect statistics. 
  5. Disable Booth by Level - If used, the exhibitor cards in that level will link out to the website in their profile. 
  6. Enable Products Page - to be used in tandem with the settings in the exhibitor module
  7. Menu Label - change what the menu label says
  8. New/Featured Product Label - change what the menu label says
  9. Sponsor Levels to Include - limit which sponsors/exhibitors can display products
  10. Exhibitor Invoice Items to include -  limit which sponsors/exhibitors can display products
  11. Enhanced Booth Settings (contact your Project Manager to enable these settings- Sponsors levels with access - limit which levels gets to display the enhanced booth portion
  12. Exhibitor Invoice Items with Access - limit which levels gets to display the enhanced booth portion through invoice items
  13. Upload Default Enhanced Booth Background - a default image must be uploaded even if you are giving exhibitor's the option to upload a custom graphic. Specs: 1280pxX720px
  14. Upload Custom Background - give your exhibitors the option to use their own image

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