ePoster Site Configuration

ePoster Site Configuration

Your ePoster Site will be set up by an X-CD staff person who will provide you with the direct link to access the front-end of the ePoster Site.

Note: In order for your ePoster site to be configured, you will need to create a Poster Session in your program and ensure all of the abstracts for the Poster Session have been added to the Poster Session. For the posters to be visible, there must be .PDF poster files uploaded for each abstract.

How to change the Banner Image used by the ePoster Site?

The ePoster site will display the Conference template banner by default. If you wish to use a different banner than the Conference template banner, you may change that by following the below steps.
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Locate your conference in the Dashboard screen and click the Event App link

  3. Click Module Settings

  4. Click Artwork and Conference Styling

  5. Click Upload Image button to upload a new banner image into the Event Banner. The banner must be a 1200 x 200, PNG format, non-transparent image.
  6. Open your ePoster Site url.
    Note: There may be a time delay of approx. 5 mins for the new banner to appear. If you do not see the banner after 5 mins have passed, then refresh your screen using CTRL-R or SHIFT-CTRL-R.

How to set what submission fields appear in the ePoster Site?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Program button
  4. Click Public Program & Settings in the horizontal menu
  5. Select Submission Field Settings
  6. For each field listed, set the visibility options using the following:
    • Visible For All - Anyone with the link to your program can see information

    • Not Visible - The field data does not output in your public program.

  7. Click Update Settings button

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