Enhanced Virtual Exhibitor Booth Display

Enhanced Virtual Exhibitor Booth Display

We have created a more realistic visual for our virtual exhibitor booths
We wanted to give our clients more options and flexibility in offering exhibitors and sponsors more design control over their virtual booths, without limiting the booth functionality. Now exhibitors can simple add a few pieces of additional artwork and a beautiful life like booth will be displayed in your virtual exhibit hall. 

Enhanced booths do not need to be made available for all of your exhibitors, and can be purchased as a-la-carte booth upgrades, or they can be included in certain sponsorship packages. Get creative in your sponsorship packages, and virtual exhibitor offerings. 

For an exhibitor to build their enhanced booths, they simply need to log into their exhibitor booth profile, and they will see an enhanced booth option. There are only 4 main elements to the enhanced booth a header/logo image, booth roll ups, an optional background, and a featured video. 

You can create a generic background image for your conference (maybe your traditional in person exhibit hall. Your exhibitors will have their own option to override this image with their own custom background image if they want, and if not, your default booth background image will be used. 

  1. Booth Header Image (Required) (485 x 80 pixels)
  2. Booth Side Roll Up Images (Required (136 x 380 pixels - max 5
  3. Booth Background Image (Required) (1280 x 720 pixels)
  4. Middle spot (between the two roll ups): Public YouTube or Vimeo link OR 1280 x 720 pixels graphic (required for enhanced booth to display)
Enhanced Virtual Booth

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