Editing Transcriptions (Closed Captioning) and Translations

Editing Transcriptions (Closed Captioning) and Translations

If your conference organizer has enabled translation and transcription capabilities for the event, there will be a spot in your speaker profile to edit the text. 

1. Log into your speaker profile.
You will see a button that says Edit Transcription 1 (one) hour after your video has been uploaded. It is not instant. 

2. If your video is going to be translated into 1 or more languages, you will see a drop down. If the conference is only being transcribed (closed captioning) skip to the next step - the language will already be chosen for you. 

3. Once you have selected the language, or you are editing the primary language closed captioning, this screen will appear. You will have the ability to edit the transcription and/or translation line by line. Once you have reviewed all of the lines, press Submit Revisions. 
There is no ability to download a file of the transcription or translation - edits must be done on screen
If there are translations - you must edit all languages. Editing one language will not update the others language (eg. changing the English text will not automatically get updated in the French text - both need to be edited separately. 

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