Disclosure forms and other types of forms - creating, reporting etc.

Disclosure forms and other types of forms - creating, reporting etc.


  1. Conference speaker form (disclosure) = Standard disclosure form. One time use. 
  2. Global disclosure form
  3. Disclosure repository form =  disclosure form where the disclosure will stick to your user account forever. This requires a  "My Disclosure" abstract step to be added -- that step will find your Disclosure repository form and use it when creating the step for the authors on front end. 

The 'Conference Form' feature allows you to create supplemental forms which are connected to either conference submissions (abstracts/presentations) or to the conference itself.

This process assumes that a user has created a conference submission. The primary submitter may have also added co-authors/presenters for that submission.

Depending on your conference needs additional data may be required to be collected. It is sometimes more ideal to collect this additional data on another form (as opposed to on the abstract/presentation form itself).

To collect additional information you must first create a new form. To do this, go to the form module. Please review this guide.

Once the form is created you need to adjust this form's settings:

Go to Settings -> Manage Settings and adjust:
Related Conference
Who Is Responsible

Who is Responsible indicates what users should submit this additional form. This assists in determining who is required to submit this form and therefore allows you to view progress and follow up related to this form.
In some cases the form must be completed by all authors once per conference. In others it may just be the primary submitter once per speaker submission (abstract/presentation). You must indicate this.

Once the form is configured properly, you then need to go back to your Speaker Submission module and configure where in the submission steps process this form is to appear, and to whom it is to appear for.

Please use this guide to add this disclosure form as a step in your submission process.

Related forms can be added before the submission process starts or can be made visible only to approved speakers. The choice and flexibility is yours.

Standard Disclosure Form ONLY

How do I pull a report of missing Disclosures or Forms? (Standard Disclosure Form ONLY)

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Forms button
  4. Select a Form from the dropdown list e.g. Speaker Disclosure
  5. Click Download button next to Missing Forms
  6. Select the appropriate group(s)
    • To include additional data, click check box for Include Basic Author Submission Data
    • To filter on only Authors scheduled in a session, click check box for Only Include Authors in Session
  7. Click Process Download button

How do I email individuals missing a Disclosure or Form? (Standard Disclosure Form ONLY) 

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Forms button
  4. Select a Form from the dropdown list e.g. Speaker Disclosure
  5. Select Compose button beside All Authors
  6. In the pop-up screen, compose the email message and click Send Email button

How do I download completed forms? (Standard Disclosure Form ONLY)

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Forms button
  4. Select a Form from the dropdown list e.g. Speaker Disclosure
  5. Click Download button next to Complete Forms
  6. If applicable, Select the group(s) and various options, format and fields to be included
  7. Click Process Download button
    • Please be patient, depending on your options selected, this may take a few minutes to generate the report.
    • This will save the report to your downloads folder on your computer.

How do I connect an additional speaker form (eg. disclosure) to a speaker's submission?

This will allow you to connect an additional speaker form to a specific conference submission.

NOTE: You rarely need to do this. A speaker will submit their own disclosure or other additional form themselves via the front-end side. You only need to do this if you are assisting users or adding speaker submissions yourself - ie. invited speakers.

This guide assumes the speaker submission (abstract/presentation) already exists.
To see a guide about how to manually add a submission - click here.

To connect the additional speaker form to a speaker's submission:

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms icon
  3. Click on the Form to open it
  4. Search for the individual's form that you wish to link to and click on it to open it.
  5. In the dropdown field for Module, select the conference where the submission resides.
  6. Enter the submission ID number to link the form to
  7. Click Update button
    • A message will appear indicating that the form has been linked to the submission ID

Global Disclosures Overview

The Disclosure Repository is an add-on paid feature that allows you to define and manage global disclosures.
Once our site is configured with the Global Disclosure form, in the speaker module, a new menu option will appear in the left-side menu labelled Disclosures.

Clicking on the this new menu option, will provide the tools to manage and oversee the global disclosures.
The initial screen will open and display several different tabs where you can quickly see a snapshot of the disclosure statuses.
  1. Authors By Acknowledgement
  2. Authors Missing Acknowledgement
  3. Authors with Disclosures
  4. Disclosure Status By Submission
  5. Disclosure Status By Submission with Disclosures
  6. Authors Assigned Disclosures

In the horizontal menu, you will be able to Email everyone who is missing a disclosure or email only the Primary Contact with information as to whom is missing a disclosure relative to their submissions.

Global Disclosures - Emailing Missing

  1. Click Email in horizontal menu
  2. Click Send Email button for one of the available options
  3. Select a Status, if applicable
  4. Click Compose button
  5. Compose message and send

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