Custom Pages

Custom Pages

Build your own custom pages for the mobile app.
Custom page types include:
  • Custom - A text based screen that is often used for "Conference Information", "About Our Organization", "Hotel Information", or anything else you'd like.
  • Accordion - These are useful when you want to toggle between hiding and showing large amount of content. Great for FAQ's or small statements and large answers.
  • PDF - A link to a PDF file that has been uploaded.
  • Image - A link to an a image file. This is useful for maps of the venue, hotel or city. Recommended image format is .png or .jpg
  • External Link - The menu item will be linked to a website (e.g. your own site). Set it to open in the app or outside of it in an external browser.
  • Exhibitor/Sponsor Hall - A link to the exhibitor module of the app (See below). You can have up to 2 halls.
  • Form Module- Connect an overall conference evaluation using the forms module. 
  • Parent Place Holder Menu- Create a parent menu for children screens to be placed under/within it. 
  • Twitter - Integrated twitter page within the mobile app.


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