Creating Custom Program Filters in the Mobile App

Creating Custom Program Filters in the Mobile App

Custom Program filters can only filter: Session Type, Program Track or Tag

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Event App under the conference name 
  3. Click Module Settings in Get Ready
  4. Click Program
  5. Click Menu from the horizontal tabs

  6. Click Add Menu Item
  7. Select your desired filter type (Tags, Sessions or Tracks)
    1. Select additional information based on your selection, i.e. what tags/tracks/session types

    2. You can select multiple tags/tracks/session types (the filter can only apply to 1 type but can filter to multiple items of that type)

    3. Select show in Main Menu to display as a tile icon in the mobile app. If not selected it will be added to your list of custom screens.
    4. Include presentations in Results will include the presentations in the filter, not just the sessions, it is useful for poster hall filters.
  8. Click Add
  9. Change your filter order by clicking on the 3 lines and dragging the filter to the desired location

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