Creating Application Forms & Settings

Creating Application Forms & Settings

NOTE: These forms are independent from the Submission forms in the Speaker Module and Registration forms in the Attendee/Exhibitor Modules.

For Submissions Forms - use the Speaker Module.

For Registration Forms - use the corresponding Attendee or Exhibitor Module.

Use the Forms module to create supporting or independent forms to your Submission or Registration. These forms may be linked back to your Submission Steps process, Reviewer Process, Credits Management Module or Membership within X-CD.

For example, you may use the Forms module to create:

  • Award Submission Forms
  • Disclosure Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Membership Application Form
  • Evaluation Form
  • Survey/Polling Form
  • Sign-up Form
  • Reviewer Sign-up Form

How to Add/Copy a Form?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click + Add New Form button
  4. Click Begin button
  5. Enter a Form Name (E.G. Speaker Disclosure)
  6. Enter a Form Type (E.G. Disclosure)
  7. Enter a Main Contact Name
  8. Enter a Main Contact Email
  9. Select a Form Template if you want to use a different template than the Default template (This is the banner image that will appear at the top of your form)
  10. Set the Form Definition, if applicable
    NOTE: Conference Speaker Form should be set so you can add it to the Speaker Submission Module as a submission step. Evaluation Forms should be set as Overall or Session Evaluation (in order to link to CME - Credit Module)
  11. You may change the Start Number assigned to the first form that will begin the numbering sequence
  12. Set a Prefix code that will appear before the form number, if desired
  13. Set Allow Updates = Yes, if you want users to be able to update the form after it has been submitted.
  14. Set Applications Allowed if you want to set a maximum cap for the number of forms a user can submit e.g. enter 1 if you want to only allow 1 form per user
  15. Enter a Deadline date if you want the system to auto-close access to the form for end users. Click the calendar icon to choose a date and time.
  16. Set Anonymous Form field to determine if login is required in order to complete the form; If login is required, then the person is required to create a contact profile; If no login is required, then no personal information is captured, so there is no ability to send a confirmation email to the person after the form is submitted.
  17. Set Copy Existing Form Contact Profile (Select from dropdown to copy settings from another contact profile)
  18. Set Copy Form Fields from an Existing Form (Select from dropdown to copy the fields from another form)
  19. Click Finish button

How to Build a Form?

Once the form has been added, the next step is to build it:

  1. If you clicked the Proceed button from Add Form, Go to Step 7, otherwise continue from Step 2
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Click Forms tab
  4. Click the applicable form under the Form Title list to open it
  5. Click Settings button
  6. Click Manage Form Fields in horizontal menu
  7. Click + Add New Field button
  8. Select the Field Type
  9. Enter a label for Field Label
  10. Click Add Field
  11. If applicable, enter Field Description and any other attributes of the field
  12. Set Required to YES or NO where YES will make the field mandatory
  13. Set Admin Only to YES or NO where YES if this is administrative field only accessible by Administrators
  14. Save your changes by clicking Update Field Information at the bottom
  15. Repeat Steps 7 to 14 to add other fields
  16. Click Preview Form button to view the layout of your form
    NOTE: In the List Fields view, you may move the order of fields, by clicking the icon on the left with 3 horizontal bars, then drag and drop the field to its new location.

How to add a Form to a Submission Step?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Submission Steps in horizontal menu
  5. Click Add New button on far right
  6. Enter Step Label E.G. Speaker Disclosure
  7. Click in Step Type, Select Form Module
  8. Click Create button
  9. Set Display to Yes
  10. Set Required to Yes, if mandatory
  11. Click Update Step button
  12. Click on the 3 horizontal bar icon to drag and drop the Form to the proper sequence placement in the process
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Credits Management in left side menu
  3. In Select Conference, pick the appropriate Conference from the dropdown list
  4. Click Sessions button
  5. Click Manage button beside the Session you want to link to the Evaluation Form
  6. In the Evaluation Form field, Select your Evaluation Form to be used
  7. Update the Credits Per Session, if undefined and credits apply
  8. Click Update Session button

Example of Manage button for a session:

Example of Screen to link your Evaluation Form to your defined Credit Types:

  • Populate Evaluation Form field by clicking in the dropdown box
  • Credits Per Session - provide the total credit per credit type for the Session

What are the options in the Form Settings?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click the applicable form under the Form Title list to open it
  4. Click Settings button in left side menu, select Manage Settings, from this screen you are able to configure a variety of settings, click the ? beside the field on the screen for more information:
    • Site Open = Open / Closed > sets access to the form
    • Form Name = Form label
    • Form Template = select the template to use for this form
    • Form Type = enter a descriptive label for admin purposes only
    • Form Definition = the type of form - this is especially important if this is an evaluation form or linked to a submission step
    • Deadline = set a date when the form will no longer be accessible to end users
    • Related Conference = this links the form to a specific conference
    • Who is Responsible = this identifies who should be completing this form
    • Group with Access = set a restriction for specific groups to be able to access the form
    • Start Num = Numerical value to begin auto-incrementing the form ID from
    • Prefix = Prefix appended before the form ID number
    • Login or No Login required = when No Login is required, no information about the submitter is captured and submissions will not appear in the grid, you will only be able to access the data by downloading it
    • Allow Updates - Yes / No
    • Application Allowed - set a maximum number of applications per person
    • Main Contact Name
    • Main Contact Email
    • Login Screen Text
    • Post-Submission Screen Text
    • Email to Complete Applicant - when the application form is submitted
  5. Click Update Form to apply changes

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click the applicable form under the Form Title list to open it
  4. Locate the Front-End Landing Page, the URL is the link to provide your end users to access the form
    • Note: if the form setting to Login Required, when a user clicks the link a login screen will appear and once they have logged in successfully, the form will appear immediately
    • If you wish to add this link to the form to the profile home page, copy the url link and go to Profile Home Management and Add a New Link

How to test a Form?

  1. Click Forms from the Admin Dashboard to enter into the Forms module
  2. Click on the title of a form
  3. Near the top of the screen, locate the ‘Front-End Landing Page’ url, this is the URL to post to a website or include in an email to the end users (or those testing) to access the form.
    • Click on the Front-End Landing Page link, it will open a new browser window, where it may be tested. Note: if logged in under an admin account, open the link in a private or incognito window to simulate a true end-user experience and create or log in using a testing account.

How to add a Application Review final step?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click the applicable form under the Form Title list to open it
  4. Click Settings button
  5. Click Manage Screens in horizontal menu
  6. Click Add New button
  7. Add Screen Title
  8. For Screen Type, select Final Review
  9. Enter text for the Menu Submit button
  10. Set Required Screen to Yes
  11. Click Add Menu Item button

How to Open / Close access to a Form submission?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click on the row the applicable form appears on to open it
  4. Click on Settings button
  5. Scroll down to Site Open field
    • Set to Closed - to stop access to the form
    • Set to Open - to allow access to the for
  6. Scroll down and click Update Form button to save changes

How to define a Voting Ballot type of Form?

When creating your ballot, set the following:

Form Definition = Vote or Poll

Allow Updates = No (this means once the person submits their vote, it cannot be changed)

Applications Allowed = 1 (this will limit to 1 vote per individual)

Anonymous Form = No (login will be required)

Note: if you set to Yes, then no information about the submitter will be collected and you will not be able to track who submitted responses.

How to edit the confirmation email message?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click the applicable form under the Form Title list to open it
  4. Click Settings button
  5. Scroll down to the field called 'Email To Complete Applicant' and revise the email content
  6. Click Update Form to apply changes.

How to change the contact email on a form?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click the applicable form under the Form Title list to open it
  4. Click Settings button
  5. Locate the Main Contact Name / Main Contact Email fields and update
  6. Scroll down, click Update Form to apply changes

How enable that an admin receives an email when a form is submitted?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click the applicable form under the Form Title list to open it
  4. Click Settings button
  5. Locate the Email Admin Contact on Submission and set it to YES
  6. Scroll down, click Update Form to apply changes

How to edit the email subject and/or email message to a Reference?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click on the form in the grid list
  4. Click Settings button
  5. Click Form Fields in horizontal menu
  6. Locate the 'Reference / Endorser / Supporter' field associated to the Contact Reference labelled with 'Email' and click the Edit button
  7. Scroll down and you may update the Email Subject and/or Email Notification fields, then click Update Field Information button to apply the changes.

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