Creating a Submission

Creating a Submission

Creating a new submission

  1. You may have received an email from the conference organizers with a link to a submission site or clicked on a link from the conference web page, after clicking the link, you may be prompted to Create a Profile or to login under returning user if you have an existing account.
  2. Once you are logged in, you may need to select the "Submission" button if you are on the Profile Home page; otherwise, you may already be brought directly into the submission site.
  3. Review information displayed on-screen, then click the "Click Here to Start" button

  4. Click "Start Abstract"

  5. Complete each of the required fields marked with a red asterisk (*)
  6. Once you have completed all of the required fields, click the Submit or Save as Draft (if available) button to proceed.

  7. If applicable, you may be prompted to Add Co-Authors, or Complete a Disclosure or Submit a Payment
  8. To Add Co-Authors, Search to see if the Co-Author is already in the system by entering the first few characters the the last or first name of the individual.

  9. The system will search for matches and display a list which you may select from. Select the individual in the list you wish to add, then click Add Co-Author button. Repeat step 8 to add more co-authors.

  10. If you do not see the person you wish to add, click the 'I have looked for my Author and they do not exist' button.

  11. Then complete the on-screen required fields to add the Co-Author and click the Add Co-Author button. Repeat starting from step 8 to add more co-authors.
  12. If you are not the presenter, in the list of co-authors, click Make Presenter button to indicate who will be the presenter. The system will only allow you to identify one person as the presenter. Marking a person as a presenter will give that person the ability to edit the submission.
  13. Once you have finished entering your co-authors, proceed to complete any other required items as indicated on-screen.

Editing an existing submission

  1. Return to the conference site and login to access the submission site.
  2. You may review existing submissions by scrolling down on the page and finding your abstract by ID# or Title
  3. You may Edit, Preview, Download, and if applicable, view Videos, Disclosures & Co-Authors by clicking on these options for each submission

Recording a Presentation with your submission

NOTE: The Record Presentation is only available for X-CD clients who have subscribed to this feature.

Once you have already completed your submission, there may be an option that allows you to record presentation.
      1. Select the Record Presentation button which is highlighted with the red box.

      2. You will be given the choice to either record your presentation live or to upload an existing MP4 that you has been previously recorded.
      3. If you choose to record your presentation live, you will need to enable your computers: microphone, camera & share your screen before you click the record button.

      4. Once all three have been enabled and you have clicked the record button, you will have 15 seconds before the recording begins.
      5. Once you are finished recording, you will have the option to either Save & Upload your recording or Discard & Re-record your presentation.

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