Configuring Staff Options in Exhibitor Settings

Configuring Staff Options in Exhibitor Settings

The Staff Options section of the Exhibitor Settings screen allows you to configure settings related to Staff registrations through the exhibitor module.

To access Staff Options settings:
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Exhibitor module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Scroll down to the Staff Options section
Staff Registration Open - set this attribute to allow (Open) or not allow (Closed) exhibitors to register staff through the exhibitor module.

Payment Required  - set this attribute to Yes to force payment by the exhibitor before being able to register staff

Add Additional Staff Button  - set this attribute to Yes to allow exhibitors to purchase additional staff registrations

Staff Attendee Main Registration Value - this field is linked to your Attendee registration main registration category. If you have a single exhibitor registration rate select it from the dropdown list so this will be the only option an exhibitor can select.

Staff Registration Title - is the text that appears for the Staff Registration Screen

Staff Use Discounted Badge Label - If you want to change the system default label, enter a new label here

Staff Page Overview - add information to display on-screen to the Add Staff Registration page

Staff Page Discount Help Display - will display the content entered in the below Staff Page Discount Help Text field.

Staff Page Discount Help Text - Enter help text you want to have appear on-screen

By default, Substitute Attendee, Make Public, and Update Badge buttons are displayed.
If you wish to hide any of the buttons on the Staff Registration screen, set the attribute to Yes for the corresponding button to be hidden.

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