Company Profile Fields

Company Profile Fields

The companies module has a distinct company profile with company profile fields. There is a set of standard X-CD defined company profile fields. These fields cannot be removed, but can be re-labelled. You may defined your own set of fields which will be defined as custom fields for your Company Profile form. Similar to the contact profile form, the company profile fields are shared across modules.

How to Edit a Company Profile Field

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Companies Module in left-side menu
  3. Click Settings in horizontal menu
  4. Select Company Fields
  5. Click the Edit button beside an existing field
  6. Apply changes
  7. If this change should be applied across all modules, ensure to click the Yes checkbox for Do you want to update other similar fields belonging to custom company forms?
  8. Click Update Field Information button to save changes

How to Add a New Fields to the Company Profile Form

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Companies Module in left-side menu
  3. Click Settings in horizontal menu
  4. Select Company Fields
  5. Click + Add New Field button
  6. Select the Field Type
  7. Enter a label for Field Label
  8. Click Add Field
  9. If applicable, enter Field Description
  10. Set Required to YES or NO where YES will make the field mandatory
  11. Click Update Field Information to save changes

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