Basic Overview

Basic Overview

The X-CD system allows one to perform all kinds of activities for managing, administering, and publishing, one or more "Conferences".

A "Conference" is usually tied to the specific timing of an event and contains one or more modules.

Modules are compartmentalized sections of software which serve a specific purpose. Some modules integrate with other modules (think how the Form, Review, and Program Modules are all linked to the submissions received in the Submission Module).

You may also have more than one module of the same type, for example, you could have multiple Submission modules to accept different types of submissions for the same Conference.

X-CD modules allow clients to pick and choose or add-on functionality that enable them to efficiently plan and execute their Conference or Event.

X-CD Modules available are:

  • Submission Module
  • Forms Module
  • Review Module
  • Program Module
  • Attendee Registration Module
  • Exhibitor Module
  • Continuing Education Module
  • Membership Module

X-CD also offers add-ons:

  • Mobile App - place your full program in the palms of your delegates
  • Printed Program - formatted output that may be saved as a PDF or sent to a printer for producing printed hard copies of your program
  • RSVP Management - keep track of who has accepted their speaker invitations.
  • and many more customizable options.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is the starting page after login and is the highest view of your X-CD management system. No matter which modules you are using, you may access them from the admin dashboard.

The layout is comprised of:

  • Action Panel (the main area)
  • Left Menu
  • Top Menu
  • Direct Action Menu

Action Panel

The default view of the action panel on the Admin Dashboard is a listing of all conferences and forms.

The conference panel lists all conferences and modules of each conference (for example, speaker registration management). There may be only 1 module for a conference or there may be 5 modules. This depends on the contract with X-CD Technologies.

Click on any conference sub-module or a form title to enter a specific module's management area.

Left Menu

The Left Menu offers additional, high-level controls. 

As you navigate into and out of modules, the Left Menu options will change accordingly.

For example, while in the admin dashboard, the Left Menu will NOT offer a setting to 'Manage Attendees'.  'Manage Attendees is specific to the Attendee Module' and will therefore appear as a module specific item when you navigate to it.

There are certain key items that are only available when on the Admin Dashboard. This includes 'Contacts Module' and the ability to add new modules to a conference.

Top Menu

The Top Menu refers to the personal profile area of the admin panel. Use this top menu when trying to update your profile or logout of X-CD.

We will rarely reference this top menu in other areas of the guide, but we want to point it out because directly below the Top Menu is the Direct Action Menu.

Direct Action Menu / Horizontal Menu

The Direct Action Menu is a menu that appears once inside a module.

Examples of a Direct Action Menu are:

  • Managing a specific attendee
  • Managing a specific exhibitor
  • Managing a specific speaker submission
  • Managing the review module
  • Managing settings

Example of Direction Action Menu from Submission Settings Screen

Example of Direction Action Menu from Manage Attendee Screen

Conference Module Selection

Under the conferences area in the main dashboard you will see a list of all the conferences you are managing.

  1. Click on the conference you want to administer
  2. Select the module you want to manage.
    E.G. To manage submissions, click the Speakers Module Name; For registrations, Click the Attendee module name

Forms Module

The Forms tab located next to the Conferences tab will show you any/all of the forms you are managing in your system. These could be disclosure forms, awards forms, evaluation forms etc. When you click into any form listed in the Forms tab, you will have full admin access in administering that form including email/downloads, reports, and all completion information.

Contact Module

The contacts module on the left panel is where you can drill into all all of your system contacts (authors, presenters, registrants, exhibitors, etc.). If you click the Email/Download button from your submission module, your drill down capabilities will automatically be related to your submission contacts (authors, co-authors, presenters, reviewers, etc).


In the top right corner of your admin interface you will see your name, or the name of the logged in user profile. In the user profile, you may change the template colour of your admin dashboard, edit your personal contact information, or edit/change your password. 

Click on the name, and you may edit the user profile or log out.

Speaker/Author/Presenter Definitions

Primary Contact

The Primary Contact is typically the presenter or primary author, but this is not always the case. Sometimes a secretary or an assistant might submit something on behalf of a speaker/presenter/author. In this scenario, the secretary/assistant would be tied to the submission record as the primary contact (the for communication purposes), although not technically an author tied to the submission. In this scenario, after the primary contact submits on behalf of the presenter, they can remove themselves as a listed author on the submission, however they are still flagged in the system as the primary contact even though they are not tied to the submission as an author. 


The primary contact (person who submits) is by default automatically marked as the presenter, unless that is changed post submission during while co-authors are added. Any author listed on a submission can be marked as the Presenter. 

All Authors 

Consist of the presenter and all listed co-authors (not necessarily the primary contact)

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