Attendee-to-Attendee Chat

Attendee-to-Attendee Chat

Ability to search search for colleagues, acquaintances or friends by filtering or searching through the participants screen and starting private 1-1 chats

  1. Search from the participants screen to start a chat with a conference attendee/delegate. 
  2. You can filter through the list of participants by country, badge ribbon , institute, or use the search bar to search for specific participants 
  3. Click their badge to see their profile 
  4. Click "Start Chat" to start a private chat 
  5. If the participant you are chatting with is actively ONLINE in the platform, I.e signed in with the browser tab open, you will see a full green circle to the left of their headshot. If they are online, you will also see a video icon to the right of their name and organization. Click this video icon to initiate a private 1-1 video call. 
  6. Video calls will support audio, video, and screen sharing. This will happen using internal platform technology (not zoom) and will require the user to grant access to the browser to use their video and microphone in order to partake in the audio/video call. 
Note: Participants can opt out of being available for live/private chats in the platform, and they can opt out of being displayed altogether on the participant/badge screen

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