Amazon server

Amazon server

How to download files off the Amazon server

Purchase and download Filezilla Pro. Only the paid Pro account comes with the Amazon S3 protocol.
There are other tools to download files from S3 but Filezilla Pro is very user friendly and not that expensive.
You may use any software tool you are comfortable with!

X-CD will provide you with:

  1. Your Amazon S3 Bucket Name
  2. Your Access Key
  3. Your Secret Access Key

  • Once Filezilla Pro is installed, open it and go to File -> Site Manager.
  • Add a new site (it may already be open by default)
  • Change the Protocol to S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service
    • The host should prefill with
  • Enter your Access Key and Secret Access Key
  • Change tab to Advanced
  • Change Default remote directory to /YOUR_BUCKET -> make sure to prefix with /
  • Then hit connect.
    • You should see your files.

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