Adding and Building a Form

Adding and Building a Form

Forms module is used for creating any type of form outside of your speaker - submission forms and registration (attendee & exhibitor) forms

  • Evaluations, awards, grants, applications, sign ups, disclosures, nominations/voting, copyrights etc.
  • Forms can be general or conference module specific e.g. can create a speaker disclosure form tied to a submission module, or a membership application tied to your membership module
  • All forms can have unique peer review processes for assessors to judge and score submissions
  • All forms are responsive and mobile friendly
  • Forms can be public or locked (require authentication)
  • Overall conference and session specific evaluations can be tied to sessions and credits to be used for CE module

How to Add/Copy a Form?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Forms tab
  3. Click + Add New Form button
  4. Click Begin button
  5. Enter a Form Name (E.G. Speaker Disclosure)
  6. Enter a Form Type (E.G. Disclosure)
  7. Set the Form Definition
    NOTE: Conference Speaker Form should be set so you can add it to the Speaker Submission Module as a submission step. Evaluation Forms should be set as Overall or Session Evaluation (in order to link to CME - Credit Module)
  8. Select the Related Conference by clicking the dropdown list and choosing the appropriate conference
  9. Click Next button
  10. Set the Access Options, as desired
  11. Click Next button
  12. Enter a Main Contact Name
  13. Enter a Main Contact Email
  14. Set Anonymous Form field to determine if login is required in order to complete the form
    • If login is required, then the person is required to create a contact profile
    • If no login is required, then no personal information is captured, so there is no ability to send a confirmation email to the person after the form is submitted.
  15. Complete the remainder of the fields on the screen, as desired
  16. Set Copy Form Contact Profile (Select from dropdown if you wish to use another contact profile as the template)
  17. Set Copy Existing Form Fields (Select from dropdown if you wish to use another form as the template)
  18. Click Next button
  19. Click Finish button

Next Step: Click Proceed button to build your form.

How to Build a Form?

Once the form has been added, the next step is to build it:

  1. If you clicked the Proceed button from Add Form, Go to Step 7, otherwise continue from Step 2
  2. Click Dashboard
  3. Click Forms tab
  4. Click the applicable form under the Form Title list to open it
  5. Click Settings button
  6. Click Manage Form Fields in horizontal menu
  7. Click + Add New Field button
  8. Select the Field Type
  9. Enter a label for Field Label
  10. Click Add Field
  11. If applicable, enter Field Description and any other attributes of the field
  12. Set Required to YES or NO where YES will make the field mandatory
  13. Set Admin Only to YES or NO where YES if this is administrative field only accessible by Administrators
  14. Save your changes by clicking Update Field Information at the bottom
  15. Repeat Steps 7 to 14 to add other fields
  16. Click Preview Form button to view the layout of your form
    NOTE: In the List Fields view, you may move the order of fields, by clicking the icon on the left with 3 horizontal bars, then drag and drop the field to its new location.

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