About Corporate Memberships

About Corporate Memberships

Corporate Membership is defined as membership types that belong to an organization. The organization will designate one or more admin contacts for the Company who will have the access to manage the company profile information, company employee contacts linked to the company, corporate membership and the ability to register the company and its employees as a sponsor/exhibitor for an event.

The Corporate membership often comprises of a set number of company employees who fall under the corporate membership. The company employees are not required to pay a separate member fee. The company employees under the corporate membership will have the same expiry date as the corporate membership. It is also possible for corporate members to purchase additional individual memberships for more employees.

At the time of the corporate membership renewal, the company admin will be required to renew the corporate membership and the employees who fall under the corporate membership and if applicable, purchase additional individual memberships. Under this scenario, all employees selected at the time of renewal will be given the same expiry date as the corporate membership. If an employee is not selected at the time of corporate membership renewal, then this employee will expire and will no longer have a valid membership after their current expiry date.

It is also feasible for a corporate member to return to their company management portal to purchase additional memberships, manage employees affiliated with the company and remove and redesignate current employee who fall under the corporate membership post renewal.

If you are interested in using the X-CD Corporate Membership solution for your organization, contact Sales@x-cd.com for more information.
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